A United Voice for Action and Civic Improvement

Focus Groups

GHADA creates a focus group to explore any proposed development/change plan or issue of interest to the neighboring residents or the community at large. These are short-term groups that end when input is no longer needed. These groups have addressed property development, civic and transportation improvements and issues, and parks and recreational projects.

In 2020 the Valley Road Redevelopment Focus Group looked at proposals for the properties between Evanson Road and Lantana Square. The properties of a little over 70 acres on the southeast side of Valley Road are being developed by The Blenheim Group (Jay Sonecha).  A housing concept called Hockessin Station will include townhouses and individual homes. The business and commercial development included in the original concept was deleted after the Covid 19 restrictions changed the demand for commercial and business space.

GHADA is associated with other local groups and committees including:

(HV)-DRAC – Hockessin Village – Design Review Advisory Committee which reviews plans for construction, changes, signs and other improvements that fall under the oversight of the Hockessin Village Overlay Plan.

WILMAPCO [Wilmington Area Planning Council] addresses regional transportation planning.

Delaware Greenways oversees hiking trails, parks, green spaces and natural areas.

Yorklyn, Corner Ketch (The Greater White Clay Area Civic League), and the Pike Creek Valley Civic League are also associated with GHADA. GHADA has coordinated meetings to explore issues within the associated areas as a courtesy and taken responsibility for overseeing focus groups and projects when asked to do so.