A United Voice for Action and Civic Improvement

Civic Do’s and Don’ts

Never before has the civic community held the position of power and influence which it currently enjoys in the New Castle County government.  But with this new standing comes heightened responsibility.  We must remain aware that our power flows from the fact that we represent the collective views of the people in our community.  Before we speak on the behalf of our community, it is our job to make sure that we have effectively communicated the issues to the residents in our neighborhoods, and are accurately conveying their opinions to our government officials.

DO’s & DON’Ts


  1. Maintain accurate records of current membership of the organization.
  2. Be keenly aware of the number of representatives in the organization necessary to constitute a quorum.
  3. On issues of importance, brief membership through presentation of issue at a general meeting an/or publication in organization newsletter.
  4. Prior to representing any position as a position of the organization, make certain that a vote is taken on the issue at a meeting where a quorum of the organizatiopn is present.
  5. Always contact both sides of a project or issue prior to a vote, so that they may each present their view to your organization.


  1. Represent that your statement is on behalf of your organization if your organization has not voted on the issue.
  2. Rely on second-hand information prior to the vote.

Remember, there are many interests jockeying for the position of influence which civic umbrella groups now enjoy.  Now more than ever, we must make sure that we keep mindful of our mission of community representation and not individual aggrandizement.  For as soon as we forget our mission, someone else will most certainly and swiftly remind us.

— Stephanie Hansen
President, New Castle County Council